Team Building Ideas

The following are some simple ideas that you can implement to assist you in team building.

Team Progress Boards - Chart the progress of the team on a big board. Seeing the board can provide an incentive to work harder and help build a team work ethic.

Team Bonuses/Incentives - When a team reaches a certain level, milestone, or completes a project, award the team as a whole. The award can be free movie tickets, a monetary award, a nice dinner, or anything else you feel is appropriate.

Team News - Posting important news on a bulletin board or send it through an email newsletter will ensure that everyone is informed about the latest news on the team and not leave anyone feeling as if they are in the dark.

Standardized Individual Recognition - When someone reaches a milestone, give them recognition for it, don't play favorites, if other people reach the milestone as well give them credit as well.

Meetings - A smoothly run meeting is a good place where any problems can be worked out and team goals and objectives can be presented and discussed.

Team Name - Selecting a team name can build help to build team pride and unity.

T-shirts - Having uniform team t-shirts with the team name can reinforce the team pride and unity that comes from the team name.

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