Team Building Ice Breakers

Ice breakers are an excellent activity for team building. They are a fun way to help new members of the team get acquainted and feel more comfortable with interacting with other members and can also strengthen the relationship of current members. Good times for an ice breaker are during the start of a meeting/conference and after people return from a break.

Who Am I?
Write the names of famous people (or places) on post-it notes and put the post-it notes on the back of the participants. Have the participants go around to different people and have them ask each other yes/no questions to figure out who their person is. The person who finds out who they are first wins.

2 Truths and a Lie
Go around the room and have each person state 2 true statements about themselves and 1 false statement. After each person says their statement, the other people in the room have to try and figure out which statement is the lie. The people in the group are allowed to ask the speaker a limited amount of questions to figure out which statement is the lie.

Toilet Paper Game
Pass a roll of toilet paper around the room and tell everyone to take as much as they want (or you could tell everyone to take the amount of toilet paper that they use in an average day). After everyone has taken at least one square of toilet paper, have everyone go around the room and share one fact about themselves for each square of toilet paper they have taken.

Interview and Introductions
Have everyone pair up (if there is an odd number of people the moderator can pair up with someone). Each person will take around 3-4 minutes interviewing the other person and at the end of the allotted time, everyone will introduce the person that they interviewed to the rest of the group.

Write down the names of animals that makes a distinct noise on different slips of paper. Give the slips out to everyone and tell them that they have to find the people that have the same animal without talking, most people will start making animal noises and/or gestures. This is a fun way to put people into groups for other activities, games or ice breakers. As an added twist, you can blindfold everyone and have them try to find their animal group without the use of their sense of sight.

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