Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises, activities and games are fun ways to build team unity and spirit. They are also a good tool that will help to break down any barriers within your team. The following are free ideas for team building exercises.

Massage Circle
Have your team form a circle with everyone facing the center and lined up shoulder to shoulder. Then have everyone turn to their right and take a step towards the center of the circle (this is to make the circle tighter). Next tell everyone to reach forward and give the person a back/shoulder/neck massage. After a few minutes tell everyone to stop and turn to face the opposite direction and give the person to their left the same treatment.

The Human Knot
With a group at least 4 people (the larger the group, the higher the difficulty level), form a circle with everyone facing each other. Have everyone reach across and grab 2 hands of different people. The knot is now formed, the groups objective is to untangle the knot without releasing hands. You can step or climb over the hands or crawl under the hands as you try to untangle yourself. When you are finished no one's hand should be connected through the middle, instead a new circle is formed.

Stranded on an Island
Break up into teams of 3-4 people. Tell the teams that they are stranded on a deserted island. Ask them what items they would have brought with them if the team could have brought only 7 items with them. After 5-10 minutes have each team share with the rest of the participants what items they would have brought and why.

Roses and Thorns
Go around and have each team member state two things that they like about the team (or workplace) and one thing that they dislike about the team (and offer a solution to the problem if applicable). Emphasize that personal attacks are not allowed.

Hula Hoop Challenge
Have your team form a circle and hold hands. Then put a hula hoop (or a rope with the two ends tied together or any other hoop like object) inside a pair of joined hands and have the group pass the hula hoop around the circle without unlocking their hands. To add a bit more of a challenge to this exercise, you can pass around 2 or 3 hula hoops around the circle and have them go around in different directions (make sure that the hoops are different sizes so that they can pass through each other).

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