Team Building Exercises

Minefield Crossing
Designate an open area as a minefield crossing (can be an open room, hallway, or an open piece of land). Have the team work together to try to get across the minefield without touching the ground, they will be given a limited amount of tools such as chairs, tables and ropes which they can use to avoid touching the ground. Also the group will be given objects which they have to carry over to the other side with them. Once all the objects and people have crossed to the other side the mission is accomplished. If anything touches the ground other than the chairs and tables is "blown up" and cannot be retrieved. You can break up your team into smaller groups and have them compete to see who can accomplish the minefield crossing the fastest. The difficulty can be increased by providing less tables/chairs as well as increasing the size of the objects that needed to be carried.

Website Building
This exercise is a long-term project, it is not going to be accomplished in an hour, a day or even a week. Break your team into groups and allocate a small budget to each team. Have each group compete to see who is able to build a website from scratch and attract the most unique visitors to the site in the allotted time period. You can assign a specific theme that the groups have to build the site around as well as judge on other criteria such as design quality and ease of navigation. Be sure to set up guidelines as to what marketing methods are not allowed for promoting their site (such as no soliciting traffic through spam).

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