Team Building Exercises

Strengths and Weaknesses
Hand out blank sheets of paper to your entire team. Tell the team to anonymously write down write down on separate sheets of paper (one for each team member) what they believe each team members biggest strength and biggest weakness is and write the name of that member on the back of the paper. After everyone is done, collect the sheets of paper and distribute the evaluations to the appropriate members. This exercise should help encourage team members as well as challenge them to improve on their weak points. For larger teams, you can break the team into two groups and have members do evaluations for only their half of the group.

Break the team into two groups and have the groups stand on opposite sides of a narrow bridge (can be a log, a long piece of wood, a log...). Each group has to reach the opposite side of where they currently are without going back to their own side. If anyone falls off the bridge (that is if anyone's feet touch the ground) then the groups have to start over. The two groups have to work together to strategize and execute a plan to accomplish the task.

A Pat on the Back
Have the team form a line and all facing the same direction. Have the person in the front of the line turn around and walk towards the back of the line, and on the way to the back have everyone give him/her a pat on the back. Repeat this process until everyone has been patted on the back. Alternatively you can do high fives or hand shakes.

Leading the Blind
Have everyone break up into pairs. One member of the pair will be blindfolded and the other member has to lead the blindfolded one around by way of oral communication and/or guiding them by holding his/her partner's hand. The difficulty of this task depends on the terrain it is performed on, if this exercise is done inside the office, you can increase the difficulty level by not allowing physical contact as a guide or by setting up obstacles, such as requiring the blind folded partner to crawl under desks and climb over chairs. After one partner is finished with the course, then the roles will be switched where the person that was blindfolded will now lead and the person who was leading will be blindfolded.

Lap Sit
Have your team form a circle with everyone facing the center and lined up shoulder to shoulder. Then have everyone turn to their right and take a step towards the center of the circle (this is to make the circle tighter and will make the exercise easier). Next have everyone sit down slowly onto the lap of the person that is directly behind them.

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