Team Building Tips

Team building is not something that is accomplished in a single afternoon. Team building is an on going process who's results will become apparent through time. It will take the effort of all individuals to develop into a efficient and successful team. With the mixing of many different personality, styles, and preferences obstacles are sure to arise so it is important that one is able to learn how to resolve any difficulties and take preventative steps to avoid any complications. The following are some team building tips to assist you in being part of a unified team.

  • Take pride in your team's accomplishments.

  • Create a positive working environment by avoiding personal attacks/grudges communicate any problems with the person directly in a civilized manner.

  • Believe in yourself and your teammates.

  • Leave individual pride/ego out of it and put the team first.

  • Understand that you are not limited to succeeding as a team but that you can fail as a team as well.

  • Focus on positive aspects of your teammates, don't get hung up on negative aspects, you probaly have many negative aspects as well.

    Tips for Team Leaders
  • Lead, don't boss people around.

  • Be flexible open yourself up to suggestions and new ideas.

  • Give credit to your team, don't hog all the glory for yourself.

  • Award team achievements

  • Involve everyone, try not to leave anyone out.

  • Give praise in public and correct in private.

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