Elements of Productive Teams

Productive team are built upon three key pillars; resource allocation, cooperation, and communication.

The efficient allocation of resources is essential in building productive teams. The most important resource of a team are the team members. It is important that team members are placed in positions where their strengths can be utilized to its greatest potential. The team will be strongest when all the team members are utilizing their strengths rather than stuck struggling with their weaknesses. This is not to say that team members should not improve on their weaknesses. If the strengths and weaknesses of team members are not known, it is vital that they be assessed so that the team members are able to be placed in roles which fit them best and is best for the team.

If the members of a team do not cooperate with one another, it can cripple the productivity of the team. A group of individuals working solely for their own individual interests and/or competing with each other at a level greater than friendly competition can hinder the functionality of a team. Competition can impede on the willingness of team members' desire to help each other out as well. On the other hand cooperation can form synergies within the team and lead to a more constructive environment.

Good communication throughout the team is essential to efficient resource and team cooperation. Communication is the tool that transforms a group of individuals into a efficiently functioning team. It is important that the goals of the team are clearly communicated and that everyone knows what their tasks are. Any internal problems that arise should be dealt with through communication with those team members that are affiliated with the problem. Good communication is the cornerstone to any successful team.

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