Lead, Don't Boss!

There's a fine line between leading and bossing. Often it is easier for people to boss than it is to lead. Bossing is simply telling someone what to do, while leading consists of a whole lot more. Leading a team will lead to more productive team building, while bossing your team around can hurt the morale of the team. When you lead your team, your team will almost always be more productive than if you were to just boss everyone around.

When one bosses, he/she relies on his/her authority to inspire fear into those that he/she is bossing. Bossing others around can lead to resentment, especially when the one who is bossing lacks confidence in other people's ability and needs to micromanage everything. If one is micromanaging everyone, that means that most of their time is spent supervising everyone and very little time is spent in adding anything additional to the project. A boss will usually complain about any problems that may arise and place blame on others. Bossing your team members around can hurt the morale of your team and lead to a resentful team.

A good leader will be respected by his/her team and should be able to inspire confidence into the team. The leader will trust his/her team members and delegate tasks out to the team members and allow them to accomplish the tasks in their own way. Because the tasks are delegated out, the leader will have more time to contribute their work into the project and be more productive than if he/she was bossing everyone around. A good leader will listen to their team and not accuse others of wrong doing. A team under good leadership will result in a more pleasant and productive environment.

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